All of your credentialing needs from A to Z
All of your credentialing needs from A to Z

Repository & Maintenance Membership

Starting a new job? Can't find your diploma's? 


Starting the credentialing process all over again can be tedious. In fact for most having to provide your certificateion or remembering your malpractice carrier from five years ago can be down right daunting.


Don't worry, our RM membership service has you covered. CSPM keeps track of all your documentation and certification and maintains copies of your documentation and certification in our secured system so you won't have to. Some of the documentation and certification we maintain are but not limited to:


     Medical School Diploma

     Post Graduate Training Diploma

     Malpractice Liability Insurance Certificates for the past ten years

     Malpractice Cases

     Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits


In addition to our repository service your membership entitles you to:


Continuing Medical Education (CME) monitoring and maintenance


Many states, organizations and medical institutions require all healthcare providers to maintain a certain level of Category I CME credits each year. In fact, Arizona State requires 40 cme credits for two years in order to renew a medical license. In New York, the state does not require cme credits but most medical institutions require 50 cme credits per year.


Since cme credits is a self regulated system many can find themselves without the required cme credits when it's time for re-appointment. 

Our CME monitoring and maintaince service can eliminate the need to seek out cme credits at the last minute. 

As you obtain cme credits you will be required to submit your certificates to our team via email and on a quarterly basis we will send out complaince reports. This way you can have a snapshot of how much credit you have been awarded. 


CAQH Profile


Providers are required to attest to their demographic information maintained by CAQH every quarter. With your annual membership CSPM will maintain your CAQH profile and attest for you. 


License Renewal  


Never forget to renew your license again. Without a license you won't be able to practice medicine. With your authorization our team will make sure your license(s) stays current. With your authorization within sixty (60) days of your license(s) expiration date we will begin the renewal process for you. You will never have to worry about your license expiring. 


Expiring Credentials


We send out email reminders to our clients sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of your credentials such as but not limited to:
     BLS or ACLS 

     Infection Control 


     Board Certification


Don't worry about forgetting to send us your updated credentials. We will maintain continous contact with  you until the updated certification is submitted and received by a CSPM representative.


CSPM Profile


We will generate a CSPM provider profile and submit to you each year for review and updating. This enables our team to have the most comprehensive and accurate demographic information on file. 

Members have unlimited access to there CSPM generated profile, documentation and certification. Upon your request we will submit to you or a designated representative your comprehensive profile along with all the required documentation and certification maintained by CSPM.


Discount to other services provided by CSPM Consultants, LLC


All RM Members receive a twenty-five (25) percent discount to all services offered by CSPM Consultants.


Annual Membership is as low as $23.95/month billed in one annual payment upon enrollment. Please see Terms of Service for futher details.




To Enroll in our RM Membership click Subscribe.

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