All of your credentialing needs from A to Z
All of your credentialing needs from A to Z

Credentialing from A to Z

On your way to completing your post graduate training? Applying for a license can be difficult to navigate through all the red tape.


Starting a new practice? Government and Commericial insurance enrollment can be frustrating, tedious and time consuming. On average, a provider will spend 10 - 15 hours to omplete the required paperwork. Your time would be better spent caring for your patients. Any delay can result in lost revenue.


Forgot to renew your license? Are you licensed to practice medicine in more than one state? Have the piece of mind of never having to worry about reneweing your license again with our Repository & Maintenance Membership.


CSPM Consultants has over eighteen (18) years of credentialing experience. We work with our clients and the respective organizations until you are fully credentialed. Our Conceirge Credentialing handles all your credentialing needs from A to Z.


Our Credentialing Services include

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