All of your credentialing needs from A to Z
All of your credentialing needs from A to Z

Consulting Service

We offer a diverse range of management consulting services to our clients. Some of our important practice areas are listed below. 


Billing and Collection


Insufficent coding and overlooked aged reports can impact a practice's cash flow. CSPM can analzye your billing to ensure maximum revenue capture for clinic visits. Our team can also work your aged reports in an attempt to recover lost revenue.


Healthcare Finance with an emphasis on projections and grant accounting 


Accurate projections enable practices to better strategically plan for the future. From audits to developing strategies, we offer auditing and consulting expertise to our clients.  Proper management of grants enables PI's to maximize their funding to the fullest extend.


Project Management

Overseeing special projects can be time consuming and take away from the daily work at hand. Our team will develop a timeline to ensure that the project is completed in a timely and cost effective manner. We will see to the project from start to finish.

Patient Relations Issues


Patient satisfaction is everyone's business. Providers need to show the community that they provide quality care in order to stay competitive. Satisfied patients can mean better outcomes and increased patient flow.

Policy and Procedures


CSPM can review a practice's operation and determine if the policies and procedures in place are sufficent for the operation of the practice. We will assist in creating standard policies and procedures for staffing and operational issues.

Staffing, Table or Organization Structure and Labor Relations Issues. 


Staffing issues can be costly by impacting the operation of a practice and have the direct result of poor patient satisfaction. Our team will assist in creating a comprehensive staffing structure to ensure your practice is adequately staffed and structured to maximize productivity. We will clearly define the reporting structure of your practice. Most practices do not address the culture of the office until issues arise. In order to maintain an efficient practice and keep patient satisfaction at it's highest level, the culture of the practice needs to have a positive approach.  


To find out more about how CSPM Consultants can assist you contact us today ! We look forward to hearing from you. 



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